You Shall Not Pass: The 5 Weirdest Items Airports Have Confiscated

AirportThe dreaded Transportation Safety Authority baggage screeners stand like sentinels at airport security. No one wants to get “randomly chosen” to have their luggage sifted through or the full body pat down. We’ve all had the experience of getting something confiscated like a shampoo bottle that’s too big or a pocket knife we forgot was in our backpack. But these people must have been a little off their rockers trying to sneak these items in. Here are the five weirdest items airports have had to confiscate.

1. Cattle Prods

Reading through the TSA’s banned item list, the term cattle prod jumps out. Who would take a cattle prod on an airplane and for what purpose? One man actually tried to bring a cattle prod through airport security at the Baltimore Washington International Airport. When discovered, the man gave the cattle prod to police, but he never explained his motive.

2. Belt Buckle Knife

Knives are commonly confiscated items by the TSA. However, passengers can be quite creative when trying to smuggle them onto a plane. Recently, a 3-inch knife was discovered by airport security concealed in a belt buckle. No one would carry an knife from an authorized Benchmark knife dealer though security, but hiding one in a belt buckle? He gets points for creativity, but we’re glad he was caught.

3. Snakes

Apparently one passenger saw the movie title Snakes on a Plane and wanted to recreate the movie. A man was detained at the Miami airport trying to board a plane with snakes. This story is even more crazy because the man had used his pants in an attempt to smuggle the snakes through security. Those poor snakes. However, TSA screeners discovered the man’s trouser snakes and turned him over to Fish and Wildlife officials.

4. Landmines

Landmines are obviously not allowed as carry-on items on a plane, but one woman thought she might be the exception. She was delayed by airport security after trying to carry-on claymore casings. However, this woman was not simply a self-defense overachiever. She told TSA officials that she was bringing the landmines for an explosives demonstration in California. She was allowed to travel, sans landmine.

5. Chainsaws

Unbelievably, a passenger actually tried to carry a chainsaw onto a plane. The chainsaw was reportedly full of gas and ready for use. Airport screening personnel confiscated the chainsaw.

Next time you head out to the airport, make sure to check this list of ridiculous items that airports have banned to be sure you’re not going to get help up by TSA security.

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