Why Skiing Holidays Don’t Have to Cost a Fortune

Ski holidays have always been a popular choice for a certain section of the market, but the one thing that always seems to put people off – particularly families – is the price. A week-long skiing trip can easily set you back several thousand pounds for a family of four, and often that doesn’t include things like equipment purchase, travel insurance, spending money or lift passes, all of which can substantially add to the price.

But it is possible to go skiing without breaking the bank, if you’re willing to do a little bit of research and shop around, as well as being flexible with when you take your trip. Here are three relatively simple ways to bring down the cost of a skiing holiday:

  1. Hire (or borrow) instead of buying

There’s absolutely no reason you need to buy your equipment, and even if you do you don’t need to opt for the best tech or the latest lines. Skis, goggles and boots are the things likely to set you back the most, but all can be hired from the resort in most cases, and they’re usually much cheaper when hired on location.

Similarly, if you can borrow equipment then you will save a lot of money in the long run. On my last skiing holiday I was able to borrow two sets of skis and my favourite Oakley goggles from a friend, saving me hundreds in hire / purchases costs over the course of my holiday.

  1. Book towards the end of the season

It should be fairly obvious, but booking in the middle of the peak season is likely to be the most expensive option. If you can go towards the end of the season you could save anywhere from 20-50% with top resorts, and more if you opt for weekdays instead of weekends. Of course for families the school holidays may dictate when you can go, but if being flexible with your dates is at all possible you could end up saving a fortune.

  1. Look at alternative destinations

Of course France or Switzerland may be your preferred option, but if you’re looking to save some money there are some truly excellent resorts available in places like Slovenia, Italy, Austria or even Scotland.

Ultimately, it all comes down to how much research you’re willing to do, and how flexible you can be with your holiday. If you really put in the effort, the savings are there to be made.

4 years ago

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