Washington DC Experience: A Travel Experience Worth Treasuring


Taking a vacation and a break from the stress of everyday life is indeed inevitable. Have you decided what place will be good for you? Why not try having it in Washington, DC. Many tourists who have already visited the place will surely approve that it is an ideal place to visit because of its spectacular city’s river view, wide open avenues, front porches and the landmarks around the city. Washington, D.C, the capital of United States, is known not only because of the White House but also because its rich culture that is magnified through its museums, classic restaurants, welcoming hotels and magnificent parks.

There are a lot of sites and attractions the city could ever offer. From these, here are the five major destinations which you will absolutely enjoy. First are the several and various national monuments and memorials of the city. Rather than going during the day, at night would be the best time to visit the landmarks. Their breathtaking lights will absolutely make one awe-struck. These landmarks symbolize how the people in this city commemorate and honor their statesmen, poets, generals and politicians. Starting off from the National Mall going to the Lincoln Memorial Park will be the best route to enjoy your national monuments and memorials tour.

Second stop is the Kennedy Center. It is where the world-class live theatrical performances are held. Musicals, multi-media shows and family programs are also performed. If you are someone who love performing arts, watching a concert in the Millennium Stage in the Grand Foyer of the Kennedy Center will be the best choice of destination for you. Good thing about this is that the tickets for the performances are 100% free.

The third one would be the city’s striking gothic cathedrals. Visiting one of the most impressive Gothic Cathedrals worldwide should not be missed when you are in Washington, DC. The city’s National Cathedrals used to be an Episcopal Church, however through the ruling of the Congress, it was later declared as the National House of Prayer. National Cathedral is a must-see destination not only because of its unique and stunning architectural design but also because of its great contribution in the United States’ history.

Fourth is the International Spy Museum. Yes, you heard it right, a spy museum. It is the sole spy museum worldwide so who would want to miss this kind of opportunity when visiting Washington. Visiting Spy museum is an ideal activity for everyone because of its unique interactive displays and noisy films.

Fifth and the last one in the list is the Great Falls Park. If adventure and nice breeze of nature are what you search for, taking a hike at Great Falls Park is the best choice.  It is one of the most visited landmarks in the city. Hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, horseback riding and bicycling are some activities the place offers. It is indeed a place where adventure awaits you.

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