Virgin Island An Entertainment Place To Visit

Virgin Island is indeed a wonderful location to visit for retreat, fun and leisure. The location refers to a group of islands found within the United States territory. However, only three of the islands are the main islands, the rest are small atolls. Saint Croix is the largest island followed by Saint Thomas and lastly Saint John is the smallest among the three islands. The location offers interesting services such as diving and snorkeling spot, white beaches, cheap shopping hub, mixture of Danish and West Indian cultures and probably American influence on food, language and other social aspects.

Those visitors who are interested in visiting this location are required to have a genuine passport which must be valid for six months after the date of entry. Without which, the individual will be restricted to cross other countries. If you do not have one, then you should look for it before the day of travelling. This may require that you visit passport sites to learn more about obtaining passports or even to get help on finding the nearest location to apply for passports. People are advised to visit the location between the month of April and June when the weather is favourable.

Saint Croix
The Island covers an area of two hundred and twelve square kilometers and is the largest of the three islands. It provides beautiful beaches, cultural events, unique art and crafts, music and interesting sporting activities such as diving, fishing, golf clubs among others. The excellent hotels located on the island offer great accommodation services and dining facilities. You can get here by either flight, Vehicle or Ferry.

Saint Thomas
It is the second largest Island among the three islands. The highest of point of the Virginia Islands is found on this particular island. This is because of the Crow Mountain found on this island. The mountain has a height of four hundred and seventy four meters. The beautiful beaches located in the northern and eastern part of the coast are classified as the best beaches found in the entire Caribbean. Historical sites and cultural activities are also among the tourist attraction features. For instance, Fort Christian is the oldest standing United States National Landmark structure in the virgin islands. The Museum also play a very great role in tourist attraction because it contains old maps, island’s memorabilia and other island’s historical materials. The old synagogues that are still being used in the United States and the skytsborg fortified tower currently known as Blackbeard’s Castle which is being used as a restaurant and a hotel also form part of attraction features on the Island. You can get here using a vehicle, a flight or a ferry.

Saint John
It is the smallest of the three islands and covers a total area of fifty four square kilometers. The Island has a rainforest belonging to the United States National Park, which acts as a home of diverse fascinating animals. It also has beautiful beaches and bays which are very attractive. Great recreational activities such as swimming and diving are also highly favored on the beach. Unfortunately, there is no airport on island and therefore tourists depend entirely on the ferry to get to this amazing destination.

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