Useful Tips for RV’ing with Pets

If you are thinking of going to an RV rental provider to get an RV for your next excursion with pets, then don’t consider yourself to be alone. According to a recent research conducted by the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association, more than 61 percent families in the United States are RV’ing with their pets.

We have grown so fond of our furry friends that leaving them out of an RV vacation is just out of the question. The trend for homeowners taking pets along with them on vacation has been aided by the fact that RVs make traveling with pets really fun and interesting to try out. Although, there is a lot of excitement involved you shouldn’t really expect a totally carefree experience and should implement these useful tips we have gathered for bringing your furry friends with you on an RV.

Pack the Right Gear

Although we assume that you have packed all the right gear for yourself, you need to also cater to our pet while packing for the trip. One of the easier ways to streamline this process is by making a list of all the things that you think your pet could need during the trip. Once you have made a list, keep it with you during the whole journey. After the journey, cross off all things that weren’t really deemed necessary and jot down items that you wished you had. This means that you will have an even more comprehensive and detailed list for next time. Since we know how addicting RV’ing can be, we’re sure you’ll soon be going for another RV rental after your first time.

Plan Perfectly

Since you now have the added responsibility of pets along with you, you need to plan the trip in an even perfect manner. You don’t want to risk the whole process because the campground that you had selected didn’t have a pet friendly atmosphere. This will mean that your pet won’t have the same amount of fun that you’re having, as they’ll be forced to stay in the RV. Ensure that they are as involved as you are in every activity by planning the trips and occasional stops beforehand. Look for suggestions through friends and even take the liberty to call campgrounds to ascertain if they have facilities for pets.

Buckle Up

While an RV can really feel like a home, it is not a good idea to leave your pets unattended in the vehicle while you’re on the road. Buckle them up because the inertia from breaks or even an accident can really harm them if they are not buckled up. Moreover, having them buckled up or placed in a carrier means that you know where they are. There are numerous accounts of travelers mentioning how they had to search for their pets as they slipped out of the vehicle while no one was watching.

Come Back Together

Regardless of whether you have a dog or a cat, it is best that you come back to the RV together. Since the whole place is a bit new for your pet they might find maneuvering around a bit difficult. Bring them back with you regardless of how well trained you think they are. You’re also not sure of the dangers that can be present in the areas adjoining a campground and we hope that you have watched enough Hollywood thrillers to realize that leaving your pets alone in these areas is not a good thing to do.

Be Considerate

Although almost all campgrounds have given travelers the privilege to bring in their pets, it should still be remembered that this is a privilege and not a right. The negligence of one pet owner can cause a change in policy or even cause both you and your pet to be ejected from the campground . Make sure that you obey all pet laws and contain their barking as much as you can.

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