Tips for de-icing your car

The winter season brings with it a bunch of feelings, most of all is the Christmas feeling. But what happens after Christmas and you have to continue living your everyday life? For drivers, the next thing on their mind is how to navigate around without falling victim to the winter weather. The most common problem drivers face during this winter period is counteracting the effects of snow and ice on their car. This post has been put together by the experts at Event Tyres to help drivers get on their way this winter season.

The Law

According to the traffic law in the UK, drivers should be extra careful when driving around in the winter season avoiding any obstructions to their windows and windscreens. According to the highway code, you must clear the ice from all your windows and windscreens before driving. It might be worth noting that you should also pay close attention to other features of your car including lights, indicators, tyres and more.

Ice Scraper

Drivers try out a variety of tools to help de-ice their cars but the only thing you should ever use in an actual ice scraper, anything else used has the potential to compromise the integrity of your windows and windscreen, if the ice is really stuck on then you might consider using a de-icer. When scraping ice from your window or windscreen you should start from the top and work your way down, this way you allow gravity to help you by dribbling the liquid down the windscreen. Once the de-icer starts doing its job you can then use a firm hand to with the scraper while gliding down with broad strokes.


You should never use boiling hot water to melt the ice on your car, while some aspects of your car might be resilient enough to withstand the pressure of boiling water on it your windscreens and windows are likely to crack on impact with boiling water. This can lead to bigger problems that might cost money to repair.

Keep the engine running

If it has been a while since you last drove your vehicle then you should consider keeping the engine running for 3 to 5 minutes before you drive off. You can even just turn on the heaters and wait for the car to de-ice itself while you’re in the car. This should go without saying but you should never leave the car running without physically being in there.

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