Things To Consider When Choosing A Holiday Villa

Let’s say you’re planning the holiday of your dreams and you’ve got your pick of the best holiday villas in Lanzarote. You’ve got your eye on the resort of Vista Lobos and you’re unwilling to accept anything but the perfect place for your stay.

What exactly should you be looking for in a holiday villa?

It’s not until you set about looking for a holiday villa that you realise what a minefield it can be. Choosing a hotel or apartment is pretty simple – a villa brings so many more variables into play.

So rather than taking chances and hoping for the best, here’s a brief rundown of the most important things to consider when choosing a holiday villa:

  1. Amenities and Services

First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure all the conveniences, amenities and services you need are provided. If you’re planning pool parties and patio barbecues, make sure it’s kitted-out. If you’re bringing a car along for the ride, does it offer private parking? From kitchens to bathrooms to bedrooms to entertainment systems, it’s worth checking what’s on offer (and what’s excluded) in the finest detail.

  1. Check the Condition of the Villa

Ask the villa’s owner or manager to send you a few (very) recent pictures of the place. Don’t make the mistake of trusting the promotional shots online – they could have been taken a decade ago and airbrushed heavily. Take a look at the condition of the fixtures, furniture and the general state of the place. This will give you a good idea of how well it has been looked after (or otherwise) over the years.

  1. Location, Location, Location

Villa holidays are great, but it’s up to you to ensure you book a place that’s in the right location for you. If you’re happy to be secluded in the middle or nowhere with nothing to do but relax, you needn’t worry about proximity to nearby towns and villages. If you’d prefer to be in the thick of things or right by the beach, narrow things down accordingly. Check where the villa is located on a map and don’t accept vague descriptions from the sales blurb.

  1. Terms and Conditions

It’s hardly the most exciting part of the process, but the importance of reading the T&Cs in fine detail cannot be overstated. Are you expected to pay a heavy cleaning fee after your stay? Pay more for every guest staying in the place? Maybe a set daily fee for gas, electricity and water? Always ensure you know what you’re getting yourself into, before signing up.

  1. Consult Guest Reviews

Last but not least, you can usually gauge the quality of a holiday villa on guest reviews and recommendations alone. It’s rare to find a place with a 100% positive track record – some people go out of their way to find problems. But if the general consensus points to a quality villa with all you need for an epic holiday, that’s probably what you’ll have!

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3 years ago

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