TAP Portugal Airlines open with Arms Wide Open with its Economical Airfares

Looking for cheap ticket on TAP Portugal flights? Well, there is no end to the amazing offers that one can be exposed to while looking into the scope of getting low cost flights for your trip on TAP.

Infant Fares

TAP presents unique infant fares for passengers up to 23 months, who do not take up a seat and must be attended by an adult.

However, if the toddler turns 2 years of age by the return date of the trip, the passenger cannot journey as a baby and must take up a seat priced at a infant fare for the total journey.

In such a case, for security reasons a car-type seat should be used on all cheap flights for TAP Portugal in which the infant is not 2 years of age. The child ought to still be accompanied by an adult passenger.

Car-Type Infant Seat with TAP Portugal flights booking

TAP Portugal flights

If you acquire a seat for your baby, you should use a car seat. A car-type infant chair is acknowledged and positioned on a standard cabin seat, subject to the following conditions:

  • For toddlers only up to the age of 2.
  • The car-type seat to be permitted for air transport will contain the label “ECE R44/03”
  • The car-type infant seat may not exceed the dimensions.
  • This seat should contain shoulder belts for the safety of the baby.
  • The toddler must be seated on the window seat.
  • The baby cannot sit in front or behind the emergency row, or on it.
  • A normal passenger seat to be booked for the infant with child fare is paid.

Information for Pet’s for flights booking TAP Portugal

Pets into the passenger cabin:

  • The dogs and cats are allowed in the cabin of TAP Portugal
  • Passengers may bring their own container or purchase one from TAP.
  • Animal should not weigh more than 15 lb/7kgs in addition to the weight of the container.
  • More than one animal of the same type can be accepted in the same box, which shall be accounted for as a single animal.
  • Each passenger may only hold a single container.
  • The charge of the container as an excess baggage and not to be included in the free baggage allowance.
  • The animal should be healthy, clean, odor-free, inoffensive, and not pregnant and pose no threat to other passengers
  • The animal is transported within a preserved container and remains in it all through the journey and does not obstruct the free passage.
  • Government rules in countries of origin and destination do not specify that all animals must be transported as air cargo.
  • If the animal observes the essential surroundings for cabin transport, the animal may travel at their owner’s feet.

TAP Portugal flights from london

Animals going to / in transit through in TAP Portugal flights

1. UK– animals not allowed in the hold or in the cabin.

2. Republic Of Ireland – cats and dogs are only received as cargo.

3. South Africa – animals are accepted as cargo.

4. Luanda – animals are accepted as cargo, reservations are prepared through the TAP Cargo subdivision up to 2 days earlier to departure. If the journey starts at an airport other than Lisbon, the animal will be considered cargo from its point of origin to its destination.


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