Quick-Reference Guide to Northern France

France is – once again – the world’s most popular destination for tourists, according to the United Nations Word Tourism Organisation (UNWTO). Welcoming an astonishing 82.6 million people last year, France has been the world’s most visited country for the last three years running, and is set to break all previous records in 2017.

Of course many people choose to visit the south of France, with stunning beaches and sun-drenched locations such as Nice and Monaco, it’s easy to understand why. But the north of France is also a popular area, particularly with people who want a little more history and culture from their holiday. So for those of you spending your next break in the north of France, here’s a handy quick reference guide. If you’d like more in-depth recommendations, then check out this stunning French travel guide from Oliver’s Travels.

Busy Periods

As with most locations in France, the peak summer months of July and August are the busiest periods for tourism, however the tourist season officially runs from the start of May through to October.


You’ll get more sunshine in the south of France, but the weather can still be beautiful in the north. The hottest month is usually July, with an average of around 18 degrees Celsius. Rainfall can vary depending on the region you’re in, for example Brittany tends to get the most rain in December, whereas Normandy sees up to 75mm of rain in October.

Must-Visit Cities

Obviously where get to visit will depend on the length of time you’re in the country and the sort of holiday you’re having, but we’d certainly recommend the following cities if you get the chance:

Rennes, Brittany
Quimper, Brittany
Rouen, Normandy
Reims, Champagne

If you’re looking to take advantage of the natural, unspoilt beauty on offer in northern France, then you should consider the following:

Cliffs of Etretat, Normandy
Vineyard of Champagne
Les Iles Chaussey, Normandy

Food and Drink

Of course no trip to France would be complete without enjoying the incredible cuisine, and northern France has a lot to offer when it comes to local delicacies and beautiful wine. If you’re in Brittany then you’ll be lucky enough to find some of the best seafood in all of France, with oysters a particularly speciality. If cheese is more your preference, then you’ll find incredible camembert and brie throughout northern France, particularly in Brittany and Normandy.

Of course if you’re after a tipple then the obvious choice would be champagne, home of the world-famous bubbles everyone loves. Apples are also grown throughout northern France, so cider is also an excellent option.

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