Kuala Lumpur- Feel the Paradise

Whenever I hear the name of Malaysia, those beautiful lines clicks on my mind which were used to advertise the tourism of Malaysia- “Malaysia truly Asia”. And believe me, it is the true part of Asia which the culture and tradition. Feel the paradise on Earth in Kuala Lumpur, and make it your next destination for visit in upcoming holidays.


There are plenty of specialties we can talk about but the most important is the city offers perfect climate, superb food, charming attractions and almost everything which you think about. So, start thinking yourself standing n the streets of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, and plan your schedule after reading the best things you can do in the world class city.

1. PETRONAS Twin Tower

How could you complete your travel to Malaysia without visiting the world famous PETRONAS Twin Tower?? You should start your journey with this beautiful attraction. The sky touching towers is worth a visit and you will feel the same after reaching on the top. The view is very elegant and I bet you never want to come back. Don’t miss to click your photographs with your colleagues and families in front of the tower.

2. Batu Caves

The next place where you would love to visit is the Batu Caves, which is the famous Hindu Temple where the Thaipusam Festival you can enjoy on every full moon. It’s a spiritual place and considered as the very holy place among the locals. The temple gives a peace to the heart and you would spend couple of hours there. Temple is not so far from the city centre and also you can ask to locals.

3. Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is the world class city and you will be stunned after watching the city and its sky touching buildings. City also offers some best lodging places to the visitors, make sure before heading for a vacations in Kuala Lumpur you have booked your suites in a good hotel and if not then I would suggest you to make Shangri-La Hotel your residing place in this city. The infrastructure and all is just spectacular and you would appreciate the hotel staff and services. Food is delicious and they offer 24hrs room service option too. So, it’s a best place for you and your family for residing.

4. Street Vendors and Hawkers

Experience Kuala Lumpur on your feet- as it’s the best way to know and see the charm of city. The place offers many things to the visitors but the most fascinating thing I found is the local markets and their vendors. They will make you cherish and you wouldn’t deny the thing to buy. Everything they sell is excellent whether it’s a small candle or precious ornaments, you would love everything. So, take a worthy experience and give your family a great surprise by taking them to the local market.

Overall, you can’t deny that city has nothing, if you ask me then I would say you can spend some best days of your life here and also I would suggest, don’t miss the chance, visit the Kuala Lumpur at least once in your life.

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