How to Spot Fake Ray Bans on Holiday

It would appear than no matter where you choose to go on holiday, you’ll eventually come across someone offering you a seemingly to-good-to-be-true deal on glasses and sunglasses. From Ray-Ban to Gucci and everything in between, if someone is offering you an incredible deal on some designer shades it’s almost certainly because they’re counterfeit.

We’re not going to go into why you shouldn’t buy these fake frames (long story short, they put your vision at risk and can shatter on impact), but sometimes the counterfeits are so convincing that it’s easy to be led into thinking they are in fact genuine.

So how can you spot fake glasses and sunglasses? In truth the giveaway signs can vary for each brand, so today we’re going to focus on how to spot less than genuine Ray-Ban glasses and sunglasses.

  1. Quality and finish

The easiest thing to look at is the overall quality and finish of the frames and lenses. Ray-Bans are made in Italy, using high quality materials and with the finish you’d expect of a luxury product. You can feel this quality in the weight, so if you’re unsure, make sure you handle the frames in question. Do they feel a quality weight? Is the finish good (particularly around the joints)? If the frames are plastic, look for any seams or rough joints, neither of which you’ll find in genuine acetate Ray-Ban frames.

  1. Lenses

All Ray-Ban lenses have ‘RB’ etched into the far side of one lens (usually the left lens), and ‘Ray-Ban’ written in right in the top corner of the other. The etching on fake lenses will either be missing entirely, or will be of a poor quality. If you’re told the lenses are polarized, the top corner writing will say Ray-Ban P on genuine lenses.

  1. Hinges

The hinges on genuine Ray-Bans are always of the highest quality, and will not show any traces of glue, melted plastic or anything else that would suggest lower quality craftmanship. If you’re buying Wayfarers, they will always have a seven-barrelled hinge, which will be silver. Counterfeit frames are unlikely to have this, so they’re a good place to check.

  1. Packaging

All genuine Ray-Bans come with a Ray-Ban case, usually in black or tan leather. There will be a Ray-Ban logo on the stud of the case – look for this, as it’s usually missing on fake cases.

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