Do You Fancy A Holiday With A Difference?

A look at yachting holidays in the Mediterranean and why they are becoming more and more popular.

It might be the desire to totally escape the rat race, or something else, but more and more people are turning their back on the traditional package holiday in favour of something a bit more exciting. Adventure holiday sales are on the increase and are particularly popular with groups of youngsters and single travellers. Sailing holidays have long been thought of as the domain of the wealthy but yacht charters have changed all that and even if you have never sailed before you can hire your own skipper so that all you have to do is soak up the sun and view the country from a different angle.

The Mediterranean.
The Mediterranean is a big place; from the many islands off the coast of Croatia, to the secluded bays of southern Turkey and the more familiar resorts of Spain and the Balearics. Sailing opportunities here are plentiful and choosing where to go is quite a task. Resorts along the coastline vary from sleepy fishing villages to glamorous resorts where the shores are lined with hotels and classy nightclubs. Most people who sail the “Med”, as it is affectionately known, do so to relax so head for the more tranquil waters around the Greek coastline. Greece offers the chance to island hop and sample the good food offered by the waterside tavernas. Sailing the waters around the beaches of Turkey with a company such as Sunsail offers a view of a land with a colourful and often turbulent past. With many totally unspoiled bays in which to anchor, there is history to explore when you set foot on dry land mixed with colourful markets and lively nightlife.

So what sort of vessel can you sail on your Mediterranean holiday? The choice depends on whether or not you wish to sail in your own group or part of a flotilla. A flotilla is a group of people sailing together under the guidance of a lead boat meaning that you will have company during the moored hours. If you prefer to sail alone or with a hired crew and were sailing from Palma you could chose from a variety of craft ranging from a single hull two cabin vessel that would sleep six to the expanses of a catamaran. Your experience will dictate what vessel you can man safely .

New to sailing.
If you are new to sailing the Mediterranean is the ideal destination with warm deep waters, light winds and easy navigation so this is a great place to start your life on the ocean wave. Combine this
with the resorts waiting to be visited and you can spend as much time on shore as off it. A beach holiday can be combined with your yachting holiday and if you decide to sail in the second week the first can be spent learning the ropes before you set sail on your adventure in the Mediterranean.

This look at yachting holidays in the Mediterranean was written by Jaye Staddon a freelance travel writer. Information from this article was sourced from the internet using Sunsail as a guide for available AC vessels.

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