Danger Behind the Wheel

People spend a lot of time in their cars. In some U.S. cities that suffer from the worst gridlock traffic, commuters can spend as much as 80 hours a year in their vehicles. It shouldn’t be surprising then that drivers have gotten used to doing some pretty dumb and dangerous things behind the wheel.


Using your cell phone is an absolute no no while driving. Many cars come equipped with bluetooth compatibility making hands free use possible. Many states have even made using a device while driving against the law with hefty fines weighed against infractions. Texting and driving, reading email while driving and even talking while driving is deadly. There are studies upon studies proving this beyond a shadow of a doubt, yet people still insist on using their phones while they’re driving.


Putting on makeup while driving is something that women all over the country do each day. Women faced with long commutes might consider that multi-tasking while stuck in traffic is a great use of time. It might even mean that they have a few more minutes of sleep, working out, spending time with their family or whatever activities they spend time doing before leaving for work each morning. It’s a downright dumb idea and regardless of how innocent it may be, makes for unsafe and distracted drivers. Other hygiene tasks like shaving behind the wheel are equally as stupid meaning men are equally guilty of multitasking in this way too.


Who would think that reading while driving would be a good idea? No one that really thinks about the possible outcomes of such behavior, that’s who. Reading while driving whether it’s a newspaper, a report for work, emails, a novel, a map, or any other materials printed on paper, is never a good idea. Aside from obstructing your view of the road, reading while driving completely removes your attention from the road ahead.


Ignoring safety and recall notices that are in effect for your vehicle are pretty dumb things to do too. Notifications of safety concerns and recalls are often sent to car owners in the mail. Your dealership where you purchased your car will have record of them too. You can also find them listed on Cars.com for your reference, as long as it’s not while you’re driving. Ignoring these warnings can make for unsafe driving conditions based on the nature of the warning or recall.  

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