Choosing Cruise Holidays for Asian Destinations

Many seasoned travelers who although have plenty of places they would still like to visit as part of an overland trip or holiday adventure comprising of a combination of major and unfamiliar airlines, will still be keen to book a cruising holiday. In fact, even some of the more experienced cruisers yet to visit various ‘Jewels of the Orient’ of which more than one Southeast Asian country holds claim for, still have plenty of voyages to try out. However, cruising enthusiasts trying to make their mind up on which cruise line to choose for a trip including ports of call in the Far East or onshore excursions in other regions of Asia should consider the following:


  • Singapore cruising ships taking us along the Straits of Malacca and onwards to the fascinating and somewhat intriguing country of Thailand. Alternatively, it is possible to book an unforgettable voyage that allows passengers to visit places like Vietnam and China after crossing the South China Sea.
  • The time of year in which to go on our preferred cruise, especially with regards to the monsoon season which often dictates when some of the better organized cruise lines take their vessels out to places like Japan and China. As most seasoned cruisers with experience in Southeast Asian trips will already be aware of, it is best to wait until March to May to go on one of these adventures.
  • Onboard facilities and choice in entertainment is another main factor to take into consideration when going through the various options in cruise lines sailing in territorial waters of a plethora of Asian countries.

Ports of Call

It goes without saying that if we have been saving up all year in order to afford one of the exclusive cruise holidays for Southeast Asian seas, stopping off at some of the most exotic ports of call in the process, we will want to make the most of our trip. In many cases, experienced or novice cruises searchers will compile a list to help them make the most suitable decision regarding the cruising holiday they book. Indeed, some of the most common expectations of prospective passengers with regards to what they get on board their ship as well as whilst onshore are as follows:

  1. Types of Onshore Activities on Offer
  2. Range of Onboard Facilities including Spa and Fitness Centers
  3. Onboard Entertainment for the Adults and Accompanying Children
  4. Cities to Visit Whilst on Ports of Call and How Long they Get There

Cruising Asia


Although there are a relatively small number of main cruise ports in Southeast Asia and the Far East that most cruise lines in this region will embark at or depart from at some point during their voyages, there are other lesser known ports waiting to be discovered. Some of the most visited cruise ports in this part of the world include Hong Kong, Osaka, Beijing and Singapore, with each of these destinations having their own unique character.

Well Prepared

There are usually a few different characteristics that most highly experienced travelers share with each other, being well organised and somewhat meticulous when planning trips being two of the most common. Of course, even if we happen to be planning to go cruising with one of the leading cruise lines operating in Southeast Asia, it is still necessary to make sure we are aware of what we should bring with us. Fortunately for the more timid traveler or careless cruiser, all of the major cruising companies for Asian waters will make sure all their passengers are well prepared for their voyages.

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