Braving the Friendly Skies in Peace

There should be an award for parents who are brave enough to travel with children, infants and toddlers.  When I look at those enticing photos on travel sites, I see more than the smiling faces of the children as they slide down the chutes at the waterpark or twirl around in a cup and saucer at a theme park in Orlando.  I see the strollers and backpacks, the car seats and diaper bags parents had to load into the back of a car or SUV and lug to the airport just to get to those exciting destinations.  The effort is much greater than I had to exert when I had children.  But one thing is the same – you can still buy all the toys you need to keep them occupied from ToysRUs.

On a recent flight to my long-awaited vacation to Australia, I felt a bit of dread when not two but four families with young children boarded the plane.  Soon, I was surrounded by toothy grins from infants and toddlers.  They were all cool except one little boy who started to whine when we pulled back from the gate and taxied down the runway.  By the time we lifted off the ground, another started to wail and at least two others joined the chorus.  As other passengers shifted nervously about, in short order, they all quieted down.  And remained that way for most of the flight!  In fact, the little girl in front of me, who was no more than 9 months old won me over by the time our flight reached Melbourne.  She played quietly with a toy I saw at ToysRUs the last time I shopped there for a birthday gift for one of my own grandkids.

For generations now ToysRUs has been the industry leader in providing the latest toys and entertainment to kids of all ages.  Be it classic games and name brands like LEGO and Milton Bradley or the latest actions figures from the blockbuster movie franchises, you can one-stop-shop ToysRUs and find something for every age and stage.  They remain at the forefront of the industry and have teamed up with Groupon to offer deep discounts on their signature toys and iconic brands.

Groupon offers everyday savings that take as much as 50% off the list price and you can find codes that offer even more.  Best of all, you can shop ToysRUs from your smartphone.  They were one of the first toy stores to have a website, and today even if you don’t shop online, you can take advantage of Groupon codes online or instore so you never have to miss a great deal.

4 years ago

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