8 Essential Things to Carry During a Pilgrimage Tour

vaishno devi

When you are heading for a pilgrimage tour, be it in any part of the world, you need to carry some basic things. Though, each destination comes with its extra share of essentials, here are some basic things which you must remember to fling inside your backpack:

Essential documents: This point is reserved for those overenthusiastic pilgrims who, in their jubilation of a holy trip, may forget to carry the much-needed documents. Your passport and air tickets must not be forgotten, or else you are definitely going to land up in trouble. For security reasons and to wage war against the authorities (if the need arises), you also better take along your ID card and photos.

Appropriate dresses: Of course, everyone carries clothes and dresses. But some people may pick the wrong set of clothes which can be a disastrous decision. You need to remember that you are going on a pilgrim destination, and not on a beach side vacation. So, instead of piling up your trunks with bikinis, skirts and sleeveless tees, you better choose dresses which are sober and somber. For general sightseeing, you are entitled to carry a couple of your chic outfits. But do not forget to pack a few ‘quiet’ dresses which can be worn with dignity when you visit the temples, mosques, churches, gurudwaras and any religious site. Besides, also consider the local climate and pick dresses sensibly.

Camera: Yes, we know that you have a very expensive mobile phone with a high-MP camera. But the real joy of photography lies in taking snaps through a photographic camera. And since some pilgrim destinations are extremely photogenic, it would be a big regret to forget your cameras behind.

Medical kit or first aid box: It is another must-carry thing! Some of the pilgrim sites are located in faraway places where medical facilities are threadbare and unreliable. During the taxing journey, there is a great likelihood of people suffering from minor niggles ranging from headaches to nausea. It is strongly recommended that you carry a first aid box with all the prescribed medicines.

Glasses and hat: Again, the actual need for these accessories depends on the local weather of the place you are visiting. But since the popular pilgrim sites are always crowded, it is best to carry protective hats and glasses to shield your skin from the cruel sun.

Nuts and almonds: These are small little snacks which can give you the much-needed energy during tiresome long queues which usually greet you outside the Indian temples. Just fill up your pockets with these delights and keep munching them to pass the time.

Right pair of shoes: Some pilgrim destinations like Viashno Devi or Amarnath or Kedarnath are situated at hillside places where one has to walk and trek a lot. So, make sure to bring the right pair of shoes (like track shoes) instead of stilettos or fancy sandals.

Positive attitude: Bring your positivity and don’t keep your attitude at home. You will need their company during the grueling journey and the tedious queues.

Author Rajesh Thakur is a traveller and adventure seeker writing about a number of Indian & International holiday destinations. Solo Travelling, playing with nature and backpacking are few more undertakings author loves to do. As a blogger he writes about travel guide and tour packages at We reHolidays.co.in

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