5 reasons to Charter a Yacht

Luxury travel is no longer limited to high-end hotels and glamorous cruise ships. Chartering a yacht is a fantastic option for individuals interesting in taking to the water and setting sail on their own adventure. Hiring a skipper takes the pressure off and having the freedom to choose your own itinerary allows you to personalize your trip.

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  1. Freedom & Flexibility


Those who want to take more ownership over their travel experience should consider chartering a yacht. When sailing your plans may change on a daily basis depending on weather conditions but also your personal preferences. Those who want flexibility can benefit from this sort of travel. It’s possible to make decisions on the day with regards to where to travel and where to dock sticking very loosely to your travel itinerary. When chartering a Yacht you literally have the freedom to travel wherever you want. Just make sure to bring it back on time!


  1. Proximity to Nature


As lovely as a luxury hotel can be, being cooped in a hotel room doesn’t connect you with nature. You may have a nice swimming pool and a private beach but you will not be in a natural environment and by spending 50% of your time in your hotel you can be limited in what nature you actually get to experience on your holiday.


Traveling at sea you are constantly at one with nature. At any moment while sailing through the Mediterranean you could spot dolphins off of the boat and a little turtle diving down into the sea. It is also far easier to get up close and personal with nature as you can stop whenever you see something.


  1. Being the King of Your Castle


When your traveling by yacht the staff you hire are there privately for you. Whether you’re hiring a skipper or your own private chef you are the man/woman in control and can request what you desire. When are where you dock, what to eat, that’s your choice. This is a nice feeling.


  1. A Sense of Exploration & Adventure


While not everything always runs into the plan set sail on the seas just like the explorers of the past always feels like an adventure. If you spot something interesting like a small remote island there is nothing to stop you heading over to explore. It is very easy for your plans to change based on events that happen, every trip is varied and unpredictable which makes things very exciting.


  1. The Chance to spend quality time with friends and family


When staying in a hotel it’s quite easy for people to head off on their own and do their own thing. When yachting though, you’re stuck with the people who come with you on the boat! This can be a good thing though when on board your likely away from technology and less distracted which means you can spend quality time with the people on board. Yachting offers opportunities to really bond with the people you travel with.

You will need to make decisions together and this sort of trip can be particularly good for family bonding and for those looking to build strong relationships.

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