3 Most Popular Pubs in Ireland

3 Most Popular Pubs in Ireland

There’s plenty that Ireland is well known for, such as its breathtaking landscapes, castles, music, Gaelic (their ancestral language) and sports (rugby). But when looking for something truly iconic to explore, there’s nothing like its infamous pubs. Here’s a fascinating tidbit: in one year, the Irish consume approximately 131 liters of beer. They obviously love the stuff! The magic starts at Ireland’s most famous breweries, which includes: Harp Lager, Smithwicks and most notably, Guinness.

So when traveling throughout the country, there are three pubs in particular that are worth checking out. Here are the top three locations to grab a pint:

1. The Stags Head

The Stags Head is located in Dublin, in the Temple Bar neighborhood to be exact. The bar itself is from the 19th century and is the very picture of what an Irish pub is thought to look like. It fits lots of people, but still has a warm, inviting feel. People hear line up at the lengthy bar and order themselves pints and shots—whether it’s a Guinness or some Jameson Irish Whiskey. The Stags Head’s reputation is known worldwide, attracting celebrities such as musicians, actors and politicians to walk through its doors. To top things off, traditional live Irish music is played every night for the perfect atmosphere.

2. Louie’s Backyard & Bar

The bar itself is fairly new, having opened in 2008 at the sight of a former bank branch. Consider Louie’s Backyard & Bar the best sports pub in Ireland. It features 5 massive flat screen TVs, which play the latest live sports games. It has a great outdoor sitting and smoking area out back, which is heated for year-round weather conditions. Like most of Ireland’s pubs, Louie’s Backyard & Bar likewise has live music, depending on whether a game is playing or not.

3. McDermott’s Pub

Music is at the center of McDermott’s Pub, which is located in a small seaside village along the Atlantic Ocean called Doolin. Doolin is near the popular Cliffs of Moher, a popular destination for people far and wide. The pub has been the key point for the village, since it opened its doors in 1867. What makes McDermott’s Pub such a great place is that they play traditional Irish music, which presents a lively, vibrant atmosphere for its patrons. Unlike other pubs, McDermott caters to more than beer fans—it has quite an extensive wine menu from places throughout Europe and other key parts. If you come with an empty stomach, not to worry, the pub is also known for their homemade bread and soup. You just can’t go wrong going to McDermott’s Pub.

As you head out to Ireland, and discover all of its little gems, make sure your home is protected with a home security system. It’ll leave your worry to rest, letting you enjoy all your trip has to offer.

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